See Ya Next Year!

2019 is almost behind us. What a year! We’re taking a break for a spell, but we’ll be back in January with some news, announcements, and (maybe) some resolutions. Until then!

Rip Room at Off Beat Festival in Reno

Next weekend we’re rollin over to Reno on Friday to play Off Beat Festival with homies away from home Elephant Rifle along with Terry Gross Band, Spirit In The Room, Heterophobia and Statues of Bliss.

Get Rabbinoid with Rip Room!

We’re playing @elriosf tomorrow night with @bugbathband (from Reno!) @world_smasher (from here!) and @ummm_r (from @wearebigups !) 🐇 come get #rabbinoid with us 🐇

Rip Room at Thee Parkside with Death Bells

We’ll be doing this Friday at 9pm at @theeparkside in support of @deathbells_ and @collapsingscenery on tour along with @lowpraise 💥 original vid by @sasha_pomelo at @sledisland (please find a way to go there next year, it is the absolute best time)